We work together to achieve the best solutions that can help farmers. We are working together to achieve a big vision of seeing AI and Machine Vision transforming Tanzanian and African Agriculture through innovation, creativity and synergy. YEESI Lab (YL) is excited to work with 72 members of the lab to achieve the best.

Members can access YEESI Classes online Click here

The e-Learning Portal was deployed at (globally) and (locally in SUA's LAN) to share materials and knowledge in AI.


YL Members

Most of the members (85%) have a diploma or higher education. YEESI Lab is looking to impact AI, machine learning, and Machine vision to the members whom we expect them to compete and win US$ 6000 that YEESI Lab will disburse to the best Machine Vision in Agriculture project. Members who do better will be given a chance to develop their own spin-offs through the SUA innovation hub portfolio. They will use the money to set out long term targets and apply AI in their current and future innovations

Names of our Lab Members